Third-Party Whistleblower Hotline

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Report on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, “proactive detection measures — such as hotlines…are vital in catching frauds early and limiting their losses” 

Read more about the importance of Fraud Hotline’s services in the Journal of Accountancy.

Fraud Hotline provides a third-party anonymous and confidential whistleblower reporting service for potential fraud, ethical issues, and other concerns. Organizations register for our services online and may designate up to three individuals to receive confidential copies via email of their organization’s reports. Employees, volunteers, board members, and others within the organization may submit a report 24-hours a day using our secure website form or via our toll-free voicemail number. In addition, organizations will receive an information package including a workplace poster, unique company code, and electronic versions of materials to share via email. Employers may maintain their contact information and update the designated report recipients using their online account login.

Our service is a critical part of an established whistleblower policy and a best practice for businesses and nonprofits to protect the assets, stakeholders, employees, board members, and reputation of the organization. Our clients are committed to maintaining high integrity and transparency within their organization.

Each location or chapter should have a unique company code assigned for reporting purposes. Please contact us for discounted pricing on organizations and companies with multiple locations or chapters.

We believe in the importance of our service and appreciate the contribution that nonprofits make in our communities. As a result, we offer a 50% discount to all nonprofit organizations.

For-Profit Business (non-public company)

A critical internal control to protect the assets, employees, management, board of directors, shareholders, and investors of a company.

$500 Annual Fee

Nonprofit Organization

A best practice to protect the assets, volunteers, employees, board members, and reputation of a public charity, association, or church.

$250 Annual Fee