Recent fraud news:

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Comfort Inn Hotel Manager Involved in Alleged Prostitution Ring

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Hotel Manager Sentenced to 4 Years for $300,000 Embezzlement

SpringHill Suites Manager Arrested for Alleged $80,000 Fraud

Hampton Inn Manager Charged with $100,000 Embezzlement

Quality Inn Hotel Manager Charged with $30,000 Embezzlement

Super 8 Motel Managers Accused of $500,000 Embezzlement

Hotel CFO Accused of $800,000 Embezzlement

Residence Inn Manager Sentenced for $1.4M Embezzlement

Westin Hotel Executive Charged with $966,000 Embezzlement

American Cancer Society Employee Accused of Embezzlement

Payroll Fraud – A Big Threat and How to Avoid It

Woman Admits to $400,000 Nonprofit Fraud and Embezzlement

Hotel Employee Accused of $500,000 Embezzlement and Fraud

Nonprofit Director Pleads Guilty to $27,000 Embezzlement

Senior Center Director Accused of $100,000 Embezzlement

Woman Guilty of $471,000 Embezzlement from Doctor

Former Red Cross Financial Director Guilty of $274,000 Fraud

Man Arrested for $20,000 Church Embezzlement

Masonic Lodge Employee Accused of Stealing $225,000

Car Dealership Finance Manager Accused of $24,000 Embezzlement and Fraud

Woman Admits to $2.2M Embezzlement and Fraud from Employer

Woman Accused of $17,000 Theft from Elks Lodge

Two Employees Accused of $11,000 Theft of Sports Apparel

Two McDonald’s Employees Held in Theft of Grease

Woman Admits to $650,000 Embezzlement from Title Company Employer

Woman Accused of $33,000 Embezzlement from Homeowner’s Association

Felony Charges Filed in $100,000 Church Embezzlement

Fraud Awareness Week – November 11 – 17, 2012

Avoiding Nonprofit Embezzlement in 8 Steps

Red Cross Employee Indicted in $52,000 Embezzlement Scheme

Restaurant Employee Guilty of $650,000 Embezzlement

Property Management Firm Reports $1M Embezzlement by Long-Time Employee

Nonprofit Executive Charged with Heath Care Fraud

Monterey Bay Aquarium Employee Accused of $800,000 Embezzlement

Six Reasons Why Your Organization Needs an Anti-Fraud Hotline

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Releases 2012 Report

Nonprofit Accountant Accused of $32,000 Fraud

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Sentenced for $60,000 Fraud

PTA Member Charged with $57,000 Embezzlement

78 Year Old Woman Under House Arrest for $161,000 Embezzlement from Church

Couple Charged With Defrauding Nonprofit of $800,000

Woman Sentenced to 2.5 Years for Embezzling over $170,000

Police Investigating $100,000 Embezzlement by Treasurer

Woman Accused of Embezzling $220,000 From Employer

Payroll Manager Sentences for $2.2M Embezzlement

Woman Sentenced to Prison For Embezzling $700,000 From Adoption Agency

Nonprofit Officer Accused of Embezzling $75,000

Homeowner’s Association Manager Charged with $169,000 Embezzlement

Former School Chief Admits Fraud in Misuse of $325,000 in Grants

Ex-Marine Pleads Guilty To Embezzling Over $133,000 from Scholarship Fund